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Stratocaster + Floyd Rose & EMG’s = Kickass Custom partcaster!

Another cool and unique custom partscaster build. It’s always fun taking a clients concepts and turning them into reality! This guitar is about as spec’d out as a strat gets; Floyd rose, locking nut, EMG pickups, full black hardware, matte black pickguard, MOP block inlays, 8-38 guage strings, and of course custom colour 

1971 Fender Jazz bass – neck work required!

We love Jazz basses here at Conway Custom – especially old ones like this! The owner brought her in for some much needed attention after decades of sitting unplayed – in its case. Normally it would be a matter of a simple set-up and re-string, but after a thorough inspection this old Jazz 

Structural repairs for a 1971 Suzuki 12-String

This 1971 Suzuki twelve string was in good need of TLC – Suzuki is just another example of quality Japanese copies from that time period. Unfortunately however being a cheaper instrument, sacrifices were made in many areas that counted – which caused them to have major structural issues as they age, this guitar 

1953 Maton Premier EG 45A – Part 3

After being dismantled, re-built, given a new neck and full refinish it was finally time to complete the old Maton. By now the restoration had been going on for many months, and it was almost sad to see the project coming to an end! There was still a fair amount of work to 

1953 Maton Premier EG 45A – Part 2

So by now the old Maton had been pulled apart and half put back together again and was already looking the best it had in years! The next main object to address was the neck. As stated previously the old neck was too far gone, and well beyond any reasonable repair – something 

1953 Maton Premier EG 45A – Part 1

This was a special one. It isn’t every day that a customer brings in a piece of Australian history – but that is exactly what happened in this case. The guitar had been through the wars and sat in a hot roof for decades out of sight and out of mind. Although it did 

Epiphone Casino upgrade

Just because a guitar is cheap, doesn’t always necessarily mean it’s no good! Often times at the bare bones of a cheap guitar will be a really nice instrument, simply let down by poor quality components and hardware. This is exactly the case for these lovely Epiphone Casino Coupe’s. Construction wise these guitars are very solid, and 

Upgrading a Gretsch Junior Jet

Here was a fun little job. The owner of this Gretsch Junior Jet scored it in a trade for a steal! However being such a simple guitar, he felt it wasn’t quite all there features wise. So, he brought it to us to have a few upgrades put in!

Stratocaster re-repair

This poor guitar had been a victim of shoddy workmanship. The owner bought all of the parts separately and asked his local ‘guitar repairer’ to assemble and set it up. Only problem was, it didn’t go so well! The guitar was practically unplayable, to the point where the owner sidelined it after one 

Water damaged ’81 Washburn D22E revival

This treasured Washburn acoustic came into us in a pretty bad way. It was pretty evident from the start that most of the issues with the guitar had arisen from significant water damage. The owner then informed us it had been through a flood, and lives its life on a stand in their