Maton SRS70C12 12-String to 6-string conversion

What do you do when you love EVERYTHING about a guitar (tone, feel, pickup, look) except, its a 12-string when you want it to be a six? Get it converted obviously!

One of the more unique jobs to come through the shop. Turns out that converting this 12 to a 6 was infinitely cheaper than an equivalent custom shop (from any of the major guitar brands) – so was more than happy to cut the headstock in half! (although, just a tiny bit more involved than that).

The extra nut width and string spacing at the bridge were the main factors for the owner, which are extremely rare on any modern acoustic guitars with cutaways and fully in-built pickup systems (unless you’re willing to pay massive bucks for a custom made instrument)

Anyway, please enjoy the pics of the conversion process!