1960 Harmony Meteor H70 re-fret & mod

This guitar was in stunning condition, but it did need some TLC. Mostly to remedy the idiosyncrasies these old Harmonies have, i.e; shotty frets and fretwork, overly rolled fretboard edges, and primitive bridge design. Fix all 3 of those, and you’ve got a stunning vintage guitar that plays like a dream, sounds truly unique and is a fraction of the cost of most other guitars in its vintage!

Why re-bind the fretboard you may ask? Purely (if desired) to gain an extra millimetre on either side of the fretboard and increase overall string spacing (which will improve playability). These guitars already have narrow necks to begin with, and their overly rolled fretboard edges requires uncomfortably narrow string spacing. Affording just a few extra mm either side of the fretboard thanks to some new binding improves playability more than you may think.

As for the bridge, inlaying a 1/8″ thick bone saddle provides a massive improvement across the board in tone, tuning stability and intonation. And pinning it helps it stay in place when re-stringing!