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Another day, another Partscaster – this time its a TELE!

Seems as though everyone is building partscasters these days – they definitely seem to be all the rage. We do them too, they are always fun and produce good results. Here was one we did that was a little more unique, with a more alternate take on a Tele with a few hybrid 

Simple Mods – Les Paul bridge conversion

Here is a nice little modification/upgrade that we have done on many Les Pauls. Most of, if not all non-USA made guitars with a bridge and stoptail piece will have the metric style large bushings and posts. Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with this design, tone fanatics will argue that they will 

Maton MS2000 – complete conversion

It’s not every day we get the opportunity to completely transform a guitar – so when the owner of this lovely Maton Mastersound came into using saying just that, we didn’t know what to think! The guitar was already beautiful in its own right, but the owner had tried countless pickup changes, pot 

1974 Fender Stratocaster

This 1974 CBS Era Fender Strat came into us a battle torn warrior. This guitar had seen its fair share of gigs, but had also been left in storage for almost 20 years – out of sight and out of mind. So when the owner came to me and asking to restore it 

‘Gibson-ising’ and Epiphone

When a customer comes to you and says “are you able to turn my Epiphone into a Gibson?”, generally the first response is going to be “No..”, or “just go buy a Gibson?!” But, when the guitar holds a fair amount of sentimental value to the owner (their first good guitar), and just 

Scrapheap partscaster

When this old Jap strat was bought into us we didn’t have much hope for it Years of neglect sitting in a shed being an unlikely housing estate for thousands of cockroaches, it looked about as good as it smelled!

1981 Vantage Les Paul refurbishment

It’s no secret that some of the nicest guitars have come out of Japan – especially those built in the 70’s and 80’s. This one is no exception. A lessor known brand no doubt, but this Vantage Les Paul (or Spirit VLP-550) still holds its own among the likes of Ibanez and Greco 

New bridge for a rare 80’s Takamine

This 1982 Takamine EN-20 came into us a little worse of wear. First and foremost the guitar was missing its bridge, but it was also in a fairly grimy state from years of playing, and evidently sitting in storage. Fortunately in was in top shape structurally, with a dead straight neck, no loose 

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