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1934 Gibson L-50 – repair & refret

Now here is a guitar with some history. By far the oldest guitar that has come into our shop (so far) this stunning 1934 Gibson L-50 is a little sweetheart. All original except for the pickguard (not shown) and most likely the frets, this guitar oozes vintage charm. A fairly rare instrument, these 

19th Century Violin restoration

It’s a pretty common occurrence to hear of someone finding an old ‘Stradivarius’ copy in their attic – with most probably getting thrown out with the trash. This one however had significant meaning to its owner, belonging to his son, which before he left in storage for 20 odd years, had been playing 

Takamine repair & the importance of temperature control

The importance of keeping your acoustic guitar away from extreme temperatures cannot be emphasized enough. This Takamine is a prime example It had been left all too often in the hot boot of a car, where over time the back braces simply popped loose due to the expanding and drying timber. Surprisingly enough 

1974 Gibson Les Paul Special – repair

Here was a quick repair done on a beautiful 1974 Les Paul Special. Getting a proper age and ID was a little tricky at first considering the amount of mods the guitar had undergone throughout its life. The pickups, tailpiece and fretboard inlays have all been swapped out – but luckily the finish 

Custom ‘Iron man’ Partscaster build

Well this job was a fair bit of fun! We’re pretty big Marvel fans here at Conway Custom, so when a customer came in asking for an Iron Man themed Stratocaster, it definitely peaked our interest. It was clear from the get-go that he had a ‘vision’ (little Marvel pun there.. ) of 

1971 Gibson SG Pro – Restoration

The 70’s were an interesting time for Gibson – bringing out a few bazaar models and making some fairly drastic changes to already extremely popular models. None more so than the SG. This 1971 SG Pro is a prime example. Quite a fair departure from all previous SG models, almost everything about these 

Maton EMGA repair and upgrade – from good to great!

This was a repair born out of a failed experiment. Long story short, the owner had attempted replacing the original pickup and in doing so did more damage than good! The solution was to completely replace the existing (butchered) bridge, and make it look as if nothing had ever been touched!

1960’s Jason Hollowbody gets a second life – Part 1

It’s no secret that some very cool, unique and interesting guitars came out of Japan in the 60’s and 70’s. This guitar is one of them and falls into each of those three categories It is a Jason, which were Ibanez guitars, rebranded under a different name when brought into Australia in the 

Maton EM225C Acoustic – brace and bridge repair

This Maton had seen better days – a lifting bridge, cracked and loose X-brace meant that it was very worse for wear. So a bridge re-glue and braces put back to their rightful places was what the doctor ordered.